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By Santa Monica Dermatology Group
October 11, 2021
Category: Dermatology
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Fillers from your dermatologists in Santa Monica, CA, can help you look your best.

When you look at your face in the mirror, are you happy with what you see, or do you see fine lines and wrinkles? The early signs of aging can affect how you feel about yourself. If you think you look old, then you feel old too. If this sounds like you, it’s time to take control of your skin and try fillers!

Santa Monica Dermatology Group in Santa Monica, CA, offers a wide range of skincare treatments and services, including fillers to help you look your best.

As the years go by, your skin loses vital moisture, volume, and elasticity. When you smile, laugh, frown, or show other expressions, fine lines and wrinkles begin to form. You begin to develop:

  • Crow’s feet, which are the lines at the corners of your eyes
  • Furrows, which are the lines running across your forehead
  • Glabella, which are the lines between your eyebrows
  • Marionette lines, which run from the corners of your mouth to your chin

Filler treatment begins with the injection of small amounts of filler material using a tiny needle. The injections are tolerated easily by most people, and you can request numbing beforehand. The amount of injections you will need depends on the area treated, and your individual characteristics.

How often you need maintenance treatments depends on the type of filler you select. Your dermatologist can help you make the right choice. Collagen fillers may last up to 4 months, and hyaluronic acid fillers can last up to 12 months.

You deserve to look your best and fillers can help. To learn more about the different types of fillers and how fillers can help you look your best, call Santa Monica Dermatology Group in Santa Monica, CA, at (310) 829-4484 now!

By Santa Monica Dermatology Group
June 07, 2021
Category: Dermatology

How IPL therapy from your dermatologists in Santa Monica, CA, can help you look your best this year

You can look your best in 2021, and intense pulsed light treatment can help. It’s also known as IPL, and treatment can help you and your skin look great. It’s the high-tech, state-of-the-art way to minimize early signs of aging, remove unwanted hair or tattoos, and create smooth, beautiful skin.

The dermatologists of Santa Monica Dermatology Group in Santa Monica, CA, offer a wide range of medical and aesthetic skin care services, including intense pulsed light treatment to help you look your best in 2021.

IPL uses pulses of light to stimulate collagen production and renew the vitality of your skin. It’s a popular treatment for many reasons.

Consider that IPL is:

  • Non-invasive, and won’t damage your skin
  • Quick, and you will see results fast
  • Painless, and requires no downtime

IPL can also be used for large areas of skin, so there are fewer appointments. This makes it a convenient option for your busy schedule.

So, now that you know the benefits, let’s talk about the ways IPL can help you in 2021. IPL is the perfect way to:

  • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles; IPL can smooth out your skin, making fine lines and wrinkles virtually disappear.
  • Minimize signs of sun damage; IPL can reduce blotches and discolorations, giving your skin a more even tone.
  • Minimize acne and acne scarring; IPL can kill underlying bacteria, shrink enlarged pores, and fade acne scars.
  • Minimize rosacea; IPL can reduce the appearance of broken capillaries, giving your skin a more even color.
  • Removing unwanted hair; unlike electrolysis, which only works on small areas, IPL can be used on larger areas like your legs and back. This makes removing unwanted hair much easier, quicker, and far more comfortable.
  • Removing unwanted tattoos; IPL can fade tattoos by removing layers of pigment one at a time.

IPL is often combined with other anti-aging and aesthetic services like micro-needling, dermal fillers, and others, to give your skin a rejuvenated look.

To discover more about the benefits of intense pulsed light treatment and how it can help you look your best in 2021, talk with the experts. Call the dermatologists of Santa Monica Dermatology Group in Santa Monica, CA, at (310) 829-4484. Call today!

By Santa Monica Dermatology Group
May 04, 2021
Category: Dermatology
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Having healthy, fresh, and young-looking skin is important to most people; however, we know that as we age our skin loses its firmness and elasticity. We also know that certain areas like the cheeks and lips start to lose volume as we age; fortunately, our Santa Monica, CA, dermatologists at Santa Monica Dermatology Group know how to tackle these aging issues with dermal fillers.

What are dermal fillers?

Sometimes referred to as injectable fillers by our Santa Monica dermatology team, these cosmetic treatments use a special formula that is injected into the soft tissue of the face to reduce the effects of aging and to provide a more youthful appearance.

What problems can dermal fillers treat?

Dermal fillers are a great way to temporarily reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles and even superficial scars; however, most people don’t realize that these injections are also great for enhancing facial volume as well.

Everyone experiences some amount of volume loss and thinning skin as they age. Over time you may notice that cheeks begin to look more concave and hollow. Lips may thin out, as well. To improve the contouring and shape of your face, dermal fillers can be used to plump up the lips or facial skin.

Are there different kinds of dermal fillers?

There are so many dermal fillers on the market that it can often be difficult to choose the right one for you. This is where our Santa Monica cosmetic dermatologist comes in. During your consultation, we will discuss your treatment goals to determine which dermal filler is right for you.

A lot of popular dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally occurring within the body that helps keep skin look firm, full, and hydrated. Of course, over time, our bodies stop producing as much hyaluronic acid. By injecting these hyaluronic acid fillers into the skin we can keep skin looking supple and young while reducing lines, wrinkles, and volume loss.

If you are ready to find out whether dermal fillers are what you need to give you that more youthful glow, then it’s time to schedule a consultation with Santa Monica Dermatology Group in Santa Monica, CA.

By Santa Monica Dermatology Group
September 08, 2020
Category: Dermatology
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Do you have a mole that catches on clothing or has started to look a little different lately? You may want to talk to the Santa Monica, CA, dermatologists at Santa Monica Dermatology Group about mole removal.

Reasons you may need your mole removed

Appearance issues often prompt people to remove their moles. If you feel self-conscious about a mole on your face, arms, neck, chest, legs or another conspicuous area, mole removal offers a quick, simple way to improve your appearance.

Moles located in inconvenient areas can become irritated if your clothing constantly rubs against them. Other moles may catch on jewelry or bleed when you shave your face or legs. Removing these moles can ease your discomfort.

Changes in moles may also warrant removal. A change in the mole's appearance may be a sign of skin cancer. Of course, a change in a mole doesn't absolutely mean you have cancer. Mole changes can be completely harmless or may occur due to precancerous or cancerous cells.

Make an appointment with your Santa Monica skin doctor if you notice any of these changes in a mole:

  • The mole has irregular or blurred borders.
  • One part of the mole is bigger than the other part.
  • The color has changed. (Changes may occur in the entire mole or just one part of it.)
  • Your mole is bigger than a pencil eraser.
  • The mole hurts, bleeds, oozes or itches.

Ways to remove moles

Home removal of moles isn't recommended. Your dermatologist may send the mole removed to a laboratory for analysis. If your mole isn't biopsied, and you have skin cancer, you won't learn that you have the disease until it spreads.

You're more likely to notice scarring if you attempt a do-it-yourself mole removal. Dermatologists use special techniques to reduce scars when they remove moles.

Moles are commonly removed by one of these methods:

  • Shaving: Your dermatologist uses a surgical blade to neatly shave the mole offer your skin.
  • Laser Removal: Lasers are sometimes used to remove small, shallow moles.
  • Surgical Excision: Excision is usually used for deeper moles. Your skin doctor removes the entire mole and the layer of fat underneath it. The skin is then closed with stitches.

Mole removal can protect your health, improve your appearance, or ease your discomfort. Call your dermatologists at Santa Monica Dermatology in Santa Monica, CA, at (310) 829-4484 to schedule your appointment.

By Santa Monica Dermatology Group
August 21, 2019
Category: Dermatology
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From acne scars to sunspots, many of us deal with skin imperfections that would rather not have. Fortunately, there is a simple, non-invasive way to target and treat your specific skin problems for healthier and even younger-looking skin. It's called laser treatment, and here at our Santa Monica, CA, office, our dermatologists offer a few different varieties to help your skin look great. Here are some of the most popular laser procedures that we offer:

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Also referred to as photofacial therapy, this treatment is great for reducing or removing varicose veins, broken blood vessels, and brown spots, as well as freckles, birthmarks, and redness due to rosacea. When the IPL is directed over the skin it penetrates into the dermis, where the pigmented cells absorb the light’s heat and break apart.

IPL treatment usually takes 20-30 minutes depending on what area or areas you wish to treat. This laser treatment may cause a slight stinging sensation. Most patients will require more than one treatment session in order to get results (most will undergo anywhere from 3-6 treatment sessions).

Laser Hair Removal

If you are tired of shaving, waxing, and plucking away unwanted hair, you may be looking for a permanent solution to reduce and even get rid of hair for good. Laser hair removal helps get rid of unwanted hair just about anywhere on the body or face. Patients most often treat their back, chest, upper lip, chin, and underarms with this laser treatment.

Laser hair removal can take anywhere from 20 minutes to more than one hour, depending on the area you wish to treat. Since hair grows in phases, our dermatologists will need to perform multiple sessions in order to remove all of the unwanted hair.

Non-Ablative Fractional Resurfacing

If you are dealing with scars, stretch marks, fine lines, wrinkles, or uneven skin tone, then non-ablative fractional resurfacing may be right for you. As the laser is directed over the skin, it removes old cells and stimulates the production of collagen to help tighten and firm up the skin while also smoothing away minor lines and wrinkles.

The procedure takes about 20 to 25 minutes and is completely non-invasive. As we mentioned above, it is normal to feel a slight pricking or stinging sensation during treatment. While you will see results right away, you will continue to see results over the next few months as new collagen is produced to help improve skin’s elasticity and tone.

Interested? Give Us a Call

If you want to talk to one of our Santa Monica, CA, cosmetic dermatologists about getting laser treatment to improve your appearance, the next step is to schedule a consultation to find out how we can best help you. Call Santa Monica Dermatology Group today at (310) 829-4484.