Are you worried about bed bugs when traveling?
By contactus
August 30, 2011
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Bed bugs have been in the press a lot over the past couple of years.  They are becoming a big nuisance in the travel industry,  as they do not discriminate between any class of hotel or lodging and have nothing to do with the cleanliness of the hotel.  The bed bug is about the size of an apple seed and they live in the cracks of the bed or upholstered furniture. They do not fly, they only walk and they primarily feed at night.  Bed bugs feed on blood, so if you wake up itching and see small blood stains on the sheets, be very suspicious of bed bug bites.  It is important to never place suitaces on beds or upholstered furniture until you have carefully inspected for bed bugs in all of the cracks of the furniture. The bite itself will heal within 2 weeks but if you bring bed bugs into your house, it can take months to get rid of them. There is a bed bug registry where you can research a hotel before you go and stay there.