Mohs Surgery

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is the preferred method for treating nonmelanoma skin cancer that is high-risk or in cosmetically sensitive areas. Mohs is a very precise, microscopically-controlled outpatient procedure. The technique combines the removal of cancerous tissue with the microscopic examination of 100% of the surgical margin. Mapping is done of any cancerous ‘roots’ identified under the microscope (hence the term ‘micrographic’). Using this technique, the roots of skin cancer are mapped out and excised sequentially, "layer by layer", on the same day. The Mohs procedure offers the highest cure rate available, almost 100% in most cases, and spares as much normal tissue as possible. Because of the advanced skills necessary to perform Mohs correctly, we recommend that it only be performed by physicians who have undergone a rigorous fellowship training program.

Dr. Jason R. Litak is one of the select few physicians who is fellowship trained in Mohs Surgery. After his residency training in dermatology, Dr. Litak went on to complete an advanced fellowship in Mohs, accredited by the American College of Mohs Surgery. There are only 70 such fellowship programs worldwide. With this advanced training, Dr Litak performs all of the Mohs surgery in our office. Dr. Litak has a passion for minimally scarring skin surgery and reconstruction after skin cancer removal.


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