Mole Removal

What to Expect: Mole Removal In Santa Monica, CA

Most of us have at least one if not several moles on our bodies. While the average amount of moles is around 30 it is possible for some people to have a lot more. Moles are usually nothing to worry about but changes in the shape, size or color of a mole could be warning signs of skin cancer. If you have a noticeable mole that makes you feel self-conscious the dermatologists at Santa Monica Dermatology Group can remove your mole quickly and easily.

Treating a Mole

If the mole isn’t negatively impacting a person’s appearance, isn’t in an awkward or uncomfortable place, or doesn’t look suspicious then you won’t need to remove the mole. However, if you decide to have a mole removed it’s best to turn to a dermatologist. You never want to try and remove the mole yourself as you risk scarring your skin or causing an infection.

A dermatologist can quickly, painlessly and safely remove a mole either through a simple excision or by surgically “shaving” the mole off. A mole may be examined under the microscope to look for cancerous cells, particularly if the growth looks suspicious. If cancer cells are detected your dermatologist will discuss how to proceed; however, a healthy, normal mole won’t require any additional follow-up or treatment.

Our dermatological team can easily remove your mole right here in our office under the effects of local anesthesia. It only takes a couple of minutes to remove the mole and stitch up the skin. If you are getting a skin biopsy your dermatologist will also discuss the steps with you prior to your procedure.

Suspicious Moles

Sometimes our dermatologists may suggest having a mole removed because it has changed shape, size or appearance in such a way that we are concerned about skin cancer. We will look for warning signs of skin cancer when you come into our office for routine screenings. Those at low risk for skin cancer should come in once a year for a comprehensive skin cancer screening, while those at a moderate to high risk may want to come in more regularly for checkups.

Dealing with a mole in an awkward, uncomfortable or unsightly place? Need to have your moles checked and screened for skin cancer? If so, the dermatologists at Santa Monica Dermatology Group are here to help. Call us at (310) 829-4484 to learn more.

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