Navigating Adolescent Acne and Skin Care

Navigating Adolescent Acne and Skin Care

Is your child suffering from acne that’s impacting their confidence? Let our pediatric dermatology team at Santa Monica Dermatology Group in Santa Monica, CA recommend the best course of treatment for their needs.

Navigating Acne Through Adolescent and Teen Years

The adolescent and teen years can be a difficult time. In addition to all the changes and challenges that they bring, acne likes to rear its ugly head. Though it’s a common issue, it doesn’t help a teenager’s self-esteem. What can you do to help your child through it? Our team at Santa Monica Dermatology Group – your pediatric dermatology experts in Santa Monica, CA – share a few tips below. 

Validate Their Concerns 

Yes, acne is common, but trying to convince your child that it’s not a big deal isn’t likely to help because it is a big deal to them. It can lower their confidence level and even lead to bullying. Let your child know that you understand their feelings and that you’ll work together to treat it. 

Teach and Support Skin Hygiene 

Explain the importance of keeping skin clean when fighting acne. Keep the necessary products on hand for them to use and be sure they understand how to use them. This typically includes a gentle cleanser, acne treatment product, moisturizer, and sunscreen. 

If your child tends to be forgetful, have them set a reminder on their phone or even hang a skincare routine chart on the bathroom wall. However, be careful about nagging them about it, as this can cause them to rebel against it. 

Learn Acne Triggers 

Hygiene isn’t the only thing that can lead to acne. Stress, some medications, hormonal changes, some foods, and various other factors can play a part. Work with your child to learn what triggers their acne breakouts, and then work together on a plan to avoid them. 

Visit a Dermatologist 

Dermatologists can play a key role in preventing and treating adolescent acne. In addition to providing your child with the necessary steps and information for treatment and prevention, they can recommend or prescribe the best products for their needs. 

Adolescents and teens don’t always like to talk about personal things in front of their parents, while others don’t feel comfortable talking to care providers without their parents present. Give your child the option to speak to the dermatologist alone if they want. 

Help your child say goodbye to acne with a pediatric dermatology appointment. You can reach our team at Santa Monica Dermatology Group in Santa Monica, CA by calling (310) 829-4484 today.

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