Should My Mole Be Removed?

Should My Mole Be Removed?

When you have a mole, you may question whether or not it should be removed. Mole removal in Santa Monica, CA is something that the doctors at Santa Monica Dermatology Group specialize in. They can certainly put your mind at rest about any fears that you may have.

What is a mole?

A mole is a common skin growth. They are usually dark spots that have well-defined edges. They often appear in childhood.  Moles are quite normal and, on average, most light-skinned people have about 30 of them. It is a rare person who has none. They are nothing you need to worry about unless they change in a bad way.

What changes are bad in a mole?

Moles that develop during childhood tend to grow as a child grows, they also change color, lightening, or darkening. These are normal changes. Some changes, however, can be signs of melanoma and these changes are bad. If, as an adult, you develop a new mole or a mole you have had for a long time grows larger or changes shape, this can be a cause for concern. If your mole bleeds or gets itchy, this is not a good thing and you should make an appointment to talk to a dermatologist. 

When should you remove a mole?

If a mole is bothering you even if it hasn't changed or caused you any problems, then you should have it removed. If a mole shows any signs that it might be melanoma, get it removed. 

How is a mole removed?

If you are looking for mole removal in Santa Monica, CA, contact a dermatologist, don't try to remove it yourself. You can cause scarring or get an infection. It is very easy to have a mole removed with a simple excision or surgically shaving the mole off. It is a quick and painless procedure. Once the mole is removed, it can be examined under a microscope to make sure there are no cancerous cells. If that is the case, you will not need any further treatment. If there are cancer cells, your dermatologist will discuss the next step.  

When it comes to mole removal in Santa Monica, CA, you can count on the doctors at Santa Monica Dermatology Group to provide you with the information and the services you need. Contact the office at 310-829-4484 to make an appointment for a consultation to answer any concerns you may have about mole removal or the moles you have.

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