Dermal Fillers: How They Work

Dermal Fillers: How They Work

If you are the type of person who demands immediate gratification, dermal fillers can provide just what you need. Since 1968 the doctors at Santa Monica Dermatology Group have been helping people to look and feel younger. Dermal fillers in Santa Monica, CA can help give you the look you desire.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are a product that is injected into the skin to fill areas that have begun to sag or have lost volume. It can make you look years younger and, in some cases, the results are instantaneous. When you use dermal fillers in Santa Monica, CA, it is good to know that they are regulated by the FDA. They are a liquid or gel-like substance that will be absorbed by the body, which is good since most people aren't allergic to them. The products are made of substances that naturally occur in the body. 

The fact they are absorbed is why they need to be reinjected. Depending on which filler you choose, they can last from 4 months to 2 years. Calcium hydroxyapatite and hyaluronic acid are both used and calcium hydroxyapatite has been around for a long time and has a great safety record.

How Dermal Fillers Work?

Polylactic acid is not naturally found in the body, it is synthetic. What it does is cause your body to create its own collagen. This type doesn't give you instant gratification like some others do, but it lasts longer, as much as 2 years.

Dermal fillers do exactly what their name implies, they fill in wrinkles, scars and other areas where age is ravaging your skin. The fillers plump things back up and the results are close to miraculous. They can increase the fullness of lips, cheeks and the area under your eyes. Fillers can also correct acne scars on the face. 

Dermal fillers can make you feel much better about how you look, and you can feel good about the fact that, in many cases, it is a product that is found in the body. 

To find out more about Dermal Fillers in Santa Monica, CA, contact Santa Monica Dermatology Group. We can be reached on the phone at (310) 829-4484 or send us a message through our website. Why wait, a younger-looking you is waiting to be seen.

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