When To Know You Need Mole Removal

When To Know You Need Mole Removal

The dedicated team of providers at Santa Monica Dermatology Group specializes in mole removal in Santa Monica, CA. When you have a suspicious mole you should be evaluated by a dermatologist to determine if it should be removed. Keep reading about mole removal and contact us to examine your moles.

What Is a Mole?

Moles are growths of skin cells that are pigmented. Moles are normal and most people have several moles. They can occur anywhere on the body, and while some are present from birth, they can form at any point throughout your life. It is common to have moles and they are often harmless, but certain characteristics of a mole can help tell us if it is potentially skin cancer. When a mole needs to be removed, your dermatologist can surgically excise the mole before it becomes dangerous.

When Should a Mole Be Removed?

The American Academy of Dermatology developed a guide for what to look out for to identify a potentially harmful mole. Any new moles you notice should be evaluated, but this guide reminds you what could be signs of melanoma with the "ABCDE"s:

  • Asymmetrical. If you notice one half of a mole does not match the other half in size, shape or color, have your dermatologist examine it.
  • Border. The border of a mole can tell you if it is a normal growth. If the edges look irregular, jagged or poorly defined, show your dermatologist.
  • Color. Look for variations in the color of a mole and show your doctor if the mole is not the same color throughout.
  • Diameter. Any mole that is greater than 6 millimeters across should be evaluated by your dermatologist to determine if it is cancerous.
  • Evolving. When you notice a mole changing in size, shape, or color, make an appointment.

Your dermatologist can also remove moles that are not cancerous. If you have moles that are always rubbing on clothing or otherwise uncomfortable, ask us about mole removal.

Get Moles Removed Today

Santa Monica Dermatology Group offers mole removal when you are concerned about a mole. Contact us for an appointment in Santa Monica, CA, at (310) 829-4484.

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